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23 November 2020
Seminar on the External Evaluation of EU’s Support to Conflict Prevention & Peacebuilding

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Virtual Seminar presenting the External Evaluation of the EU’s Support to Conflict Prevention & Peacebuilding (2013-2018)

The objective of the seminar is to disseminate the findings, conclusions and recommendations of the evaluation, which assesses the extent to which the EU has achieved its conflict prevention and peacebuilding (CPPB) objectives and the impact of EU CPPB support on the ground between 2013-2018.       

The seminar is organised under the  aegis  of  DG DEVCO with the cooperation of DG NEAR,  FPI and EEAS. 

It  will take place remotely on  23 November 2020 from 10:00 am to 12.30 pm  (CET time zone) featuring an interesting mix of presentations, panel interviews, videos and two Q&A sessions.